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From telecommunications fraud to capital fraud, it turned to currency-market fraud, including an air-coin ico project that has been popular in the country in recent years but has been slammed by regulators, leaving many of the country's uninformed investors with high-yielding interests at a loss.


On january 6th investors in the currency ring told the chinese times that the recent exchange of money in some south-east asian countries was on the move, with one of the malaysian offshore funds, called munics bank, having quietly emerged as a digital bank investment project through layers of packaging, was raising the \"sickle\" to harvest chinese investors, causing great vigilance in the industry.


\"Munics Bank, which is operated by a group of East Asian Chinese, has been derided as an international pyramid marketing market, with millions of people taking part in it a year ago, and a lot of people in the country. The project side claims that Munics Bank is the equivalent of a digital currency bank, and that its model is actually similar to the previous currency-ring pyramid retail project PlusToken, all of which are money-deposited financial funds. It was a day, a coinage player Chen Jie (alias) told the newspaper.


She may not have been known to be the founder of the Man Nebula project in Malaysia, where she was founded by a Malaysian Chinese named Lai Choi-woon, but in the circle she has launched a pyramid retail trade, as well as a well-known pyramid retail fund known as \"five elements \", according to information obtained by the newspaper.


Mr. chen revealed that mr. mann's operation mode is that users deposit usda or usdt to activate financial management, the platform produces mui revenue according to the rules, mui is the platform currency of munics bank, and usda is the stable currency that mr. mann's own launch,$1u sda=$1. In addition to USDA and USDT, Munics Bank also supports mainstream digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, LTC, etc.


\"On earnings, Munics Bank, like most funds, has both static and dynamic gains. Dynamic income model, that is, pull people to make money; static income, that is, user deposit in digital currency to get'interest', deposit $500, get 5% monthly interest, save $10000, get 10% monthly interest. Munics Bank, which claims that the principal is available, has set a high fee threshold to limit withdrawals. For example, within 28 days of termination, the system maintenance fee of 5%;29-60 days of termination,1%; more than 60 days of termination, no charge. This is to encourage users to charge only and not take money. On january 9, huang hua, a currency investor in guangdong, told the chinese times. Huang Hua has invested in some funds before, but has suffered a lot of losses, he has become very vigilant about such projects.


Huang told reporters that he had previously invested in a run-away overseas project,\" You Bank,\" and that the Cloud, a money plate that advocates saving money and making money, is extremely similar, either by name or by mode. Moreover, Huang Hua also found that the relationship between the two is indeed unusual.


\"You Bank is one of the hottest money-trading projects of 2019, claiming eight million investors. But on November 24,2019, YouBank shut down and filled it, causing panic among investors. Later, YouBank head Liu Yang said in a WeChat group that he would unveil a four-month-old wonder at the Hong Kong convention on November 26. And those who leave YouBank will regret snapping their thighs. But it wasn't long before investors waited for YouBank to be merged by the Cloud, and their assets moved to the Cloud platform. That said, the nebula is actually a run-away YouBank drag project that starts a new round of harvesting. Huang Hua said.


More alarmingly, some so-called success master Chen Anzhi, Yu Lingxiong, Liang Kaine and others, also joined the Munics Bank, to its platform and fuel.


So far, Munics Bank has harvested not only a lot of Chinese leeks, but also a lot of Malaysian leeks, and even cut them on Malaysian lawmakers, according to multiple interviews and interviews with reporters at the Huaxia Times. At a time when domestic pyramid retail funds are being hammered by regulators, such cross-border pyramid retail funds as the Munics Bank are still working.


In may 2019, domestic financial media reported that the founder of the cloud was malaysian chinese lai caiyun. The cloud's predecessor, the \"cloud count trade\" project, which dates back to 2009, founded a decade ago, is one of the most famous pyramid schemes in the country and has long been listed as one of the 10 typical pyramid schemes by the ministry of public security. At that time, there were two founders, one was zhang jian (real name song miqiu) and the other was lai caiyun.


The report pointed out that since August 2013, public security organs in various parts of the country have started to investigate a series of cloud number trade pyramid retail cases, arrested dozens of suspects, involving a total of 100 million yuan. But Yun number trade has not been completely eliminated. In 2014, mr zhang fled to thailand and was subsequently arrested by thai police for possession of a false passport and sentenced to three years and two months, while malaysia was fled by mr lai. Zhang Jian, who is still active in Thai prisons, even joined forces with Lai in 2015 to launch the \"Five Elements,\" which also became one of the earliest money sets in the currency circle.


In August 2017, CCTV also reported that under the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security, the multi-local public security organs five-element series of suspected pyramid retail cases were investigated and dealt with according to law, and the five-element series of suspected pyramid retail organizations, under the guise of selling virtual currency, used high returns as bait to develop members, involving a large number of people across the country, involving more than 9.2 billion yuan. Zhang Jian was also captured by the Chinese police, unable to escape the restoration of law, when CCTV also released a photo of Zhang Jian was arrested, according to Zhang Jian at the time, he pulled Lai Caiyun into one of them to work together to do five elements of pyramid marketing, become the core backbone of the five elements.


By 2018, malaysia had cracked the massive mlm case. Lai caiyun in malaysia was blacklisted by immigration authorities and banned from going abroad. The assets of 5.86 million ringgit (9.96 million yuan) on her 72 bank accounts were also frozen.


On May 8,2019, the Man Xing Yun mega pyramid retail case was heard in a Malaysian local court, where Lai and two other associates were tried on suspicion of engaging in pyramid retail activities. During the trial, Lai and others refused to plead guilty. In the end, instead of ruling in court, the court allowed them to pay bail and stand trial. Mr Lai acted fearlessly and even sued investors for alleged libel in court last May, according to then Malaysian media.


But who would have thought that the bailed-out Lai would continue to reap investors with Munics Bank funds, with China having the largest number of investors. According to a 2017 Malaysian police report,90 percent of the victims of all sorts of scams run by Man Nebula are Chinese. Over the past three years, hundreds of Chinese victims have traveled to Malaysia to sue the company.


Industry analysts, relying on a single person, is unable to support such a huge financial scam, in fact, behind the Munics Bank platform lineup is quite \"strong.\" The chinese times reporter found that, in addition to lai caiyun, there are the \"four great heavenly kings \", known as the\" successful learning tian tuan \", that is, chen anzhi, liang kai, yu lingxiong, liu yang also participated. Mr. Chen is its chief brand adviser, Mr. Bo (\" Mr. Yu \") is its chief blockchain technology chief, Mr. Leung is its chief strategic management trainer and Mr. Liu is head of its global operations strategy, according to the Munics Bank campaign.


"If you have dreams, if you want to create greater value in life, if you want to help more people, if you want to be the face of the times, if you want to be a millionaire, a multimillionaire.” ....。 Star cloud is definitely your best choice! The propaganda of the nebula says so about the classic words of leon cain.


With china's financial supervision and public security, the domestic capital has died down and its members have fled, but overseas pyramid retail funds have remained flat. Industry insiders are looking forward to the day of precision crackdown on cross-border funds.