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The number of Chinese investors has exceeded 100 million, with an average of less than 10 being shareholders. The stock market provides a good platform for investors to share the results of economic growth and obtain the return on equity investment. However, there are so many people began to play a crooked idea, relying on manipulation of stock prices,\" black mouth \"to recommend stocks and other means to profiteering, to bring great losses to the majority of shareholders.


On december 31,2019, the intermediate people's court of jinhua city of zhejiang province pronounced a case involving more than 30 people in the securities market manipulation, which is a typical case of close cooperation and joint investigation between the sfc and the public security organs in recent years, and also a major case of multi-gang cooperation and organized manipulation of the market.


In this case, the main offender luo shandong responsible for the operation of stock accounts, commanding centralized buying, selling; gong shiwei mainly responsible for providing matching, but also involved in the manipulation of transactions; he zhihua has assumed the role of \"black mouth\" of the stock market, responsible for recommending stocks to attract retail investors to buy. Since May 2017, the gang has used more than 400 stock accounts to maliciously manipulate eight stocks, making hundreds of millions of dollars.


Vice President of the Second Criminal Division of the Jinhua Intermediate People's Court Yu Jiang: The defendant, Luo Shandong, was sentenced to five years and six months'imprisonment and a fine of 30 million yuan; the defendant, Gong Shiwei, was convicted of manipulating the securities market and sentenced to five years and three months'imprisonment and a fine of 20 million yuan.


In the shanghai stock exchange's trading watchdog, high-performance early warning engines can process hundreds of millions of trading data a day and quickly identify abnormal trading behavior. And the intelligent clue analysis model, can carry on the comparison analysis to the massive historical data which exceeds 20 years, accurately excavates the illegal suspect account. At 10 a.m. in August 2017, staff found a stock market abnormal, triggering an early warning of the monitoring system.


The soaring stock, called Dibe Electric, had just been listed in May 2017, and in the three months after the stock's opening, the cumulative rise was more than 40 percent, and the deviation was more than 30 percent compared to the same period index, triggering a number of early warnings. A quick search by staff found that more than 400 active accounts were trading the stock at the same time, many of which were new accounts. These active accounts are buying and selling stocks at the same time, and then selling in batches, with a tacit understanding between the accounts, a large number of abnormal behavior caused by the stock price fluctuations, so that someone can be identified as manipulating the share price of Dibbe Electric.


After finding any abnormality, the SSE reported the situation to the audit department of the CSRC in time. Investigators of the CSRC audit team input more than 400 accounts and more than 1.6 million transaction information into big data models, perform data cleaning and account series and finally connect different accounts. It was found that more than 400 accounts were operated on more than a dozen computers. Sometimes 30 accounts were traded on the same computer. Finally, a bank account named Luo Xiangcheng entered the sight of inspectors. The account of Luo Xiangcheng is highly related to multiple accounts, while the most frequent contact with Luo Xiangcheng is Luo Shandong, the legal representative of Hunan Dongneng Group.


Luo Shandong, chairman of Hunan Dongneng Group, has done real estate and opened coal mines. The survey found that mr. roshan had turned a cloud over the stock market and illegally profited 100 million yuan by manipulating only one stock in mr. dibet. Even more surprising is that the manipulation of such a large scale of funds, Luo Shandong is almost empty gloves white wolf, the manipulation of the principal of the stock mostly from private matching companies. Matching companies provide large sums of money and collect commissions from them.


With the deepening of the investigation, inspectors further found that the Luoshandong gang through a number of funding intermediaries to raise up to 100 million yuan. These funds use frequent reverse transactions, intraday pull up the stock price, fast trading limit and other abnormal trading methods, one after another to make fast money. Not only are seven stocks, such as Dibet Electric, Seagull, Century Tianhong and Dawson, all suspected of being manipulated.


In June 2018, by the Ministry of Public Security Economic Investigation Bureau deployment, Zhejiang Province Jinhua City Public Security Bureau in conjunction with the SFC inspection department set up a special case group to launch a joint investigation. Relying on the big data securities crime judgment system developed in recent years, the task force fully excavates the existing electronic data information and evolves \"dead data\" into \"live clue \", and the case makes a breakthrough.


Securities crime research system is the first domestic thinking of intelligence investigation of securities crime, big data technology as the core, using multi-data modeling, as well as the concept and technology of data fusion computing, put into research and development and applied to the actual combat system.


In July 2018, after close surveillance and analysis, the time to close the net is ripe. The public security organs have mobilized more than 280 police officers and, together with more than 30 professional investigators from the SFC, conducted arrests in eight cities in seven provinces, including Chengdu and Wuhan, and destroyed five of the sites. The public security organs seized 26 main criminals, including Luo Shandong and Gong Shiwei, and took relevant coercive measures according to law.


Currently, both luo shandong, who manipulated the accounts, and gong shiwei, who provided the funds, have been arrested. When the couple's old partners face the scenes of CCTV's \"economic half-hour\" reporter, they tear each other apart.


Mr. gong, who claims to be a matching company that provides funds and commissions for stock investors, is not clear that mr. luo is trading illegally and has been completely compromised.


But mr. luo does not think so, saying mr. gong is also involved in stock trading. Handling the case personnel verified that the allocation intermediary Gong Shiwei has dozens of accounts, each account amounts to hundreds of thousands to tens of millions, he to 1:4 or 1:5 ratio for Luo Shandong to provide allocation, after collecting high margin, according to the requirements of Luo Shandong, operating the purchase and sale of these accounts.


Luo Shandong and Gong Shiwei conspire to use the capital advantage and the shareholding advantage, the early period crazy buys the stock, and through the massive counter-trading way, causes the trade active illusion, induces the investor to buy, then sells the stock on a large scale. The surprise buy, sell the technique to cause the stock price to fluctuate intensely, the Dibei electric once successively falls the limit, is the Luo Shandong gang in the shipment.


In order to avoid a lot of undelivered goods, mr. roshandong also specifically found people who recommended stocks, letting them spread the news that djib had been pulled up by traders to attract retail investors. Suspect he zhihua is playing the role of \"black mouth \".


Stock market \"black mouth\" in the market spread \"makers do business, the subsequent stock will soar\" news, investors who do not know the truth, often suffered losses after buying.


Chief offender he zhihua: I personally feel that many retail investors in the stock market may be blind, they do not know which stocks will rise, which stocks will not.


In September 2019, Luo Shandong, Gong Shiwei and other multi-gang manipulation of Dibei Electric and other stock series cases in Zhejiang Jinhua City Intermediate people's Court heard. During the trial, the main suspects, such as Luo Shandong and Gong Shiwei, confessed to their crimes.


Luo shandong, gong shiwei and other groups to manipulate dibei electric and other stock series cases tell us that there are not so many good things in the market pie, when you believe the phone, the network that \"with zhuang sable\" marketing words, is also a step closer to the \"black mouth\" elaborate scam.


The devil is one foot high, the road is one foot high. Although the luoshandong gang is very cunning, but under the increasingly powerful data sky net, any illegal clues cannot escape relying on big data established the legal eye. The sfc and the public security departments jointly handled the case, but also explored the execution link, joint efforts to crack down on capital market crimes new ways. The handling of this case has powerfully deterred the manipulators of the stock market, purified the ecology of the capital market and maintained the \"three public\" principle.